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Tutors at Smart Moves Tutoring

Our tutors are able to relate to their students as they too have been through the NSW school system including completion of their Higher School Certificate (HSC) exams. Having excelled in the subjects they tutor in and being recipients of ongoing training/mentoring by our most knowledgeable tutors they now act as wonderful guides to help tutor your students to reach their full potential. Below is a little bit more about the tutors at Smart Moves Tutoring:


Alex C.
I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry/Physics) at UNSW. I’m passionate about all areas of science and enjoy teaching students about the world around us. I hope that one day I can help push the boundaries of human knowledge as many scientists have done in the past. In my spare time I enjoy listening to different types of music, playing piano, playing League of Legends and reading philosophy.

Anne Marie N.
I am an English teacher of 25 years standing. I am currently completing my Masters of Writing at UTS. I enjoy movies, theatre and cooking. I am particularly an expert in tutoring Extension 1 and Extension 2 English.

Chris M.
I tutor Mathematics, Science, Physics and Software Design and Development. I study a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with a Bachelor of Science (Physics) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). I like to spend my spare time working on my extra-curricular project: UNSW’s World Robotics entry to NASA’s 2015 Lunabotics competition, as well as taking to the hills on my skateboard!

Christina L.
I am attending Macquarie University, where I am completing a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media, Culture and Communication. I enjoy creative writing, drama and watching classic films. I also like to volunteer in support of social causes, and I consider every day an opportunity to learn new and interesting things about the world. I offer tutoring in English (including extension English), Legal Studies and Modern History.

Clare Y.
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce (major in Finance, minor in French) at UNSW. I love dancing ballet, watching French movies, planning for trips overseas and bush walking in my free time. I tutor French and maths advanced.

Fred G.
I’m studying science at the University of Sydney, majoring in maths to become a teacher. I enjoy sport, especially soccer and chess. I love playing board games and card games.  I tutor maths at all levels, as well as science for younger students.

Gemma R.
I am currently attempting a PhD in planetary geology (aka rocks on other planets) at the University of Sydney. I enjoy baking cakes, eating cakes and singing loudly when I think no-one is listening. I tutor Maths, Physics and Earth and Environmental Science.

Genevieve D.
I am currently studying a combined Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney, with the aim of becoming a high school English and History Teacher. In my spare time I love listening to music, playing the piano, reading and hanging out with my family and friends. I tutor English and Modern History.

James A.
I’m currently studying Commerce (Liberal studies) at Sydney University majoring in International Business, Marketing, and Modern History. In my spare time I enjoy rock-climbing and reading historical biographies. Not surprisingly, I tutor History (Ancient, Modern, and Extension), as well as English (Advanced), and Mathematics.

James L.
I am currently completing my Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising) at the University of New South Wales. When I’m not studying, I play trombone, guitar, and write a music blog. I tutor Standard and Advanced English, Modern History, Legal Studies and Drama. Read my article as published in the Sydney Observer, September 2014.

Jennifer C.
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at the University of Technology, Sydney. I can play the piano and alto saxophone, and enjoy cooking in my spare time. I tutor English (Primary to 3u HSC), Maths (Primary), Visual Arts and Ancient History.

Jessica M.
I am currently studying Chemical Engineering with a Master of Biomedical Engineering at the University of NSW. I enjoy playing sports in my leisure time. I am bilingual as I speak fluent Mandarin and English. I tutor English, Chemistry, Maths and Physics (and Studies of Religion if needed).

Jeremy T.
I am currently in my third year of studying a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at UNSW. My hobbies include reading, origami and participating in university society activities. I tutor mathematics.

Joanne L.
I am currently studying Mathematics at the University of Sydney and planning on completing a Master of Teaching in 2016. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, coastal walks and creating handmade jewellery! I tutor Mathematics.

Kate M.
I am studying flexible first year engineering at the University of New South Wales. I speak two languages, English and French, and love to bake, go rock climbing and sailing with friends in my spare time. I tutor 2 Unit Maths, Physics, French, English and Ancient history.

Karina B.
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Renewable Engineering and Commerce at UNSW. I am very passionate about sport and have played touch football, netball, basketball and ultimate frisbee at competitive levels. I can tutor maths 3U, physics, legal and economics. I also am crazy about dogs!Kevin K.
I’ve been working with Smart Moves Tutoring while completing my undergraduate in Bachelor of Arts (Advanced)(Honours) at the University of Sydney. I am currently doing my Honours in Philosophy on Kant and Hegel. Apart from reading up on philosophy and history, I also enjoy playing piano. I tutor English, Maths (up to 3 Unit), Chemistry and Physics.

Kieran L.
I have recently finished my concurrent Bachelor of Mechatronics & Masters of Biomedical Engineering degree at UNSW. In my spare time I like to dance, game and sleep. I enjoy tutoring Maths, Science and Engineering Studies.


Kirsten S.
I have been with Smart Moves Tutoring since January 2005. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts degree (2006), majoring in Japanese Language and Society, and a Masters in Primary Teaching (2008). I can speak Japanese, have an avid interest in many Asian cultures and have been fortunate enough to travel to a few of them. I tutor English and Maths (up to year 9), Japanese, and all Primary subjects. In my ‘spare’ time I enjoy reading, pottering around in my vegetable garden and playing Monster Hunter.

Lauren O
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) at the University of Sydney. I love participating in various sporting activities such as swimming and running. I have been competing at a national level in swimming since I was 13 years old. I tutor Maths 3u, Physics and Economics and very much enjoy working with the next generation of students.

Lorna B.
I have now finished my combined Bachelors in Education and Arts and the University of Sydney. This double major in Performance Studies and Ancient History (my BA) qualifies me as a Drama and History Secondary Teacher. I have danced since I was three and in my spare time I like to watch films. I tutor English, History, Drama, and Society and Culture.

Liz L.
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. I tutor English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Primary subjects. When I am not at uni or at work, you can find me at the local dog park with my two dogs Bella and Toby – I am crazy about animals! I also enjoy reading – my favourite genres are Sci-fi and Historical fiction.

Lucy H.
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History at the University of Sydney. In my spare time I love playing board games, listening to Taylor Swift and eating! I tutor English, Modern and Ancient History, Geography, Visual Arts and Religious Studies.

Lucia G.
I am currently studying a dual degree of Science/Arts majoring Psychology and Linguistics at the University of NSW. In my free time I will be found painting or playing social sports. I also enjoy a good book especially classics. I tutor English, Biology and Art.

Madeline O.
I am currently studying a combined Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney. I would like to be an Ancient History, Latin and Mathematics teacher.

Maria L.
I’m studying a B.A. (Lang) (Hons) degree and am currently doing an honours year in French Studies. I took Extension 2 Maths for my HSC and tutor Maths from a primary school level through to Yr 12 General Maths, as well as high school French. In my spare time, I like to read, bake and explore different parts of Sydney.

Mike R.
Mike is a retired teacher. He had, up to recently casually taught at TAFE. He has a Bachelor of Pure Mathematics from University of Sydney and has been teaching for over 50 years. Because of his love of teaching – is still a tutor today (in between his retirement holidays). He currently is a tutor in all levels of mathematics (including Extension 2, 1st and 2nd year university).

Mel D.
I’m currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Sydney after completing a Bachelor of Medical Science, so you could say I’m a sucker for punishment! I play netball and actionball and enjoy the occasional swim. I also play alto sax and am attempting to teach myself Spanish. I tutor junior Maths and Science, and HSC General Maths and Biology.

Rowan L.
I have a PhD in Early Modern European History at the University of Sydney. I’ve been with Smart Moves Tutoring since January 2006 and teach English up to extension II, as well as Ancient History, Modern History and their extensions. I’m part of the Creative Anachronistic society which involves donning armour and jousting. Get a feel for my style of writing from this example.

Richard B.
I have been tutoring at Smart Moves Tutoring while completing my Bachelor degree with Honours in Physics at Sydney University with a focus in applied plasma physics and nuclear fusion. I spend much of my free time reading or playing the piano, and am also a hobby black-smith. I teach Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (2 unit and Extension 1).

Tala B.
I have finished a Bachelor of Medical Science followed by Master of Public Health (Professional Practice) at the University of Sydney. During my free time I enjoy reading, drawing and watching science fiction movies/TV shows.  I tutor HSC English and Biology.

Tameem A.
I have recently finished a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Chemistry and Mathematics) at the University of Sydney. I teach Maths (General, 2unit, 3unit) and Chemistry and on my weekends I like to take out my boat to go fishing.

Tim W.
I am studying a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Sydney. I strive to engage in as many activities as possible, from societies at university to playing football with friends on the weekend. I tutor Maths and English (from primary to HSC level) as well as Business Studies.

Tim Wh.
I have nearly finished studying a combined law and medical sciences degree at UTS. I’m a massive sports fan particularly cricket and rugby, and love playing board + card games with friends. I tutor English, Mathematics, Modern History and Chemistry.

Tian J.
I am currently studying a double degree of Commerce/Arts at the University of New South Wales. I tutor English and Mathematics. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, reading and watching comedy.

Vincy L.
I am currently studying the Master of Teaching (Secondary) specialising in Economics and Business Studies at the University of New South Wales and I completed the Bachelor of Economics in 2014. I tutor Economics, Business Studies, 2 unit Mathematics and English as a Second Language. Furthermore, I have participated in a volunteer program run by St Vincent de Paul society to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds with their homework and I really enjoy teaching! I also love to play sports, in particular basketball and tennis.

Wilson H.
I am currently stuudying a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW – majoring in Accounting and minoring in Finance. I enjoy watching TV shows and movies asa well as games in my spare time. I tutor Maths, Biology and Business Studies.

Walter S.
Walter, as master tutor, has been teaching for over 23 years with a Modern History Bachelor of Science with a Minor in English Literature from PSU. He is currently a tutor in English (at all levels) & History (at all levels). As a worldly traveller, he enjoys attending performance arts, reading and basketball. See a little more information here.