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 The Right way to Prepare During these July School Holidays for upcoming

HSC Trials!


75% of a students ATAR will be dependant on the outcome of the next 2 major Exams they will sit, so now is the time to benchmark and perfect their craft! Students will have an opportunity to exercise their preparedness during the July school holidays, with our HSC Advantage Workshop & Exam, what is involved:
  • The hour workshop will cover questions students might have about specific Rubric, course content and exam techniques about their subject.
  • There will be a light lunch available.
  • Students will then sit an exam on their subject. This is great preparation for the HSC trials and final exams, as students will sit these papers under exam conditions (2 hour exams for English and 3 hour exams for all other subjects).
  • Later, the students will meet with our experienced tutors for a one-on-one follow up session, where tutors will provide feedback on the marked exam. This is an advantageous opportunity to uncover areas that the student needs to target further in their study leading up to exams.


Workshops and Exams will be held during the weekdays on the dates from Monday July 3rd 2017 to Friday July 15th 2017, see below:

Subject specific Workshops will be for an hour starting at 11am. Upon conclusion, the students will have a quick break (a light lunch is provided) and will immediately return to sit a carefully constructed 2 or 3 hour trial paper (to test their exam technique). The exams should conclude by 2:30pm (English) or 3:30pm (for all other subjects). Students must arrange a further booking(s) for the follow-up session*

Smart Moves will be open throughout the July School holidays, for any students requiring a more personal preparation for their HSC trial exam(s)


Mon 3/7 Tue 4/7 Wed 5/7 Thu 6/7 Fri 7/7

Paper 1 – AOS

With Genevieve




With Thomas




English Advanced

Paper 2 – Modules

With Rowan



English Standard

Paper 2 – Modules

With Anne Marie



Ancient History

With James




Mon 10/7 Tue 11/7 Wed 12/7 Thu 13/7 Fri 14/7
Maths (General)

With Aarthi

Mathematics (2 unit)

With Evan


With Natalie

Modern History

With Madeline


The price includes: at least 5 hours of valuable HSC preparation*. Made up of a 1 hour subject focused Workshop, a light lunch, a supervised 3 Hour Exam and the return of the marked exam in a 1 hour One-on-One Follow-Up session to discover their weaknesses, all for $120.00. But….

Each additional subject(s) and or exam only/follow-up is only $90. AND Friends are welcome and included for FREE!

This is fantastic value for students to get an opportunity to learn, apply their knowledge, and discuss the result with an experienced tutor in a one-on-one setting!

Can I bring a friend? Yes, friends are welcome and help improve the overall schools rank, besides learning together is more enjoyable – so by all means.


*Terms and conditions:

For maximum benefit – it is advised the student arrives on the day as prepared as could be to sit a trial exam on that topic. All exams are designed in general and not specific to any school – marking will be adapted for topics covered/not. Reservations(for student and friend?) are essential for catering, workshop and exam preparations. Please advise in advance, if any specific dietary requirements are necessary. The $90 is for each additional subject purchased after an initial $120 OR if the student & friend can only attend an exam & follow-up. Results and appointment times may vary, before booking the follow-up session due to marking delays. If a student already sees the ‘test marker’ as part of his/her normal lessons – that lesson will then be included as part of this package – no normal tutoring charges will apply. Students must notify if a clash(es) occur between normal tutoring and this event. Every friend(s) must accompany a paying student.

More Information:

Call us now on (02) 9416 4222 as places are limited. You can also register your interest below.

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